The book was captivating one of the BEST books I have yet read in years. The author has an amazing imagination and I can see this author will accomplish huge success in near future. This book will bring emotions in all different directions. It truly is an amazing book to add to your collections.


Love the story and the writing. It was emotional and brought me to tears. The characters are well engaged and the plot has easy lines. Therefore, I highly recommend this book!

Elba Santiago | THE WORKHOUSE

Excellent work and definitely engaging to read! I get to connect with the minds of the characters. It’s a very good story with a few laughs and moral lessons along the way. Hope the author releases more of her books!

Amazon Customer, 2018

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read Chronicles of a divorcee by Pilar Sinquemani. The character development is fantastic and her plot structure, generally switching between humor and melodrama, keeping you on your toes. That’s the great thing about an amazing novel, you can read over and over and never get tired of it.

Amazon Customer, 2019 | CHRONICLES OF A DIVORCEE